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Chris Henry Has A Right To Play

Posted on: April 4, 2008 3:55 pm
I've read the handful of responses to the story and am confounded by such simple irony.  Henry's "job" is that of an NFL player, perhaps one of the most violent professions in all of America.  Why are we collectively surprised when this type of aggressive behavior - which is tolerated every Sunday afternoon - rears itself off the field?  Then, because this individual is in the public spotlight, we (as members of society) compound things by holding this troubled individual to a higher moral standard than we would the average American!?!

The arguments presented by other posters seem to assert that because Henry has been arrested once again, that he does not deserve to earn a paycheck.   Who gives each of us individually that right?  That's up for each individual NFL team to decide. 

One could easily argue that the Bengals organization made the "right" call when they released him.  I mean, let's face it, the Bengals organization has had how many arrests linked to it over the last couple years?  After Goddell administers his 4-8 game suspension, Henry - like any other American living in a free market society - has the right to apply for a job with another team.  This is no different from any other American who has had scrapes with the law attempting to find work with a new company after serving out their sentence.  If a team sorely needed help at WR wants his services, they have every right to acquire these services.  Whether that is "wise" is the decision each individual GM will have to make.

If you don't like how the NFL conducts its business, stop buying tickets, affiliated NFL  merchandise and quit watching the games on TV.  As you continue to financially support the NFL, you are passively aligning your personal moral code with the decisions made by NFL GM's and its commissioner.

The truth is that Chris Henry, if he so desires, will play again in the NFL.
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